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Complete Breathe exercise.
This exercise it is recommended to do it for 5 minutes approximately; though you can always decide on your training time with Eolos depending on your physical condition.
Set the regulator at the intensity level that you normally use to train.
1.- Empty your lungs to the maximum.

Inhale air deeply, starting with the bottom of the lungs. The abdomen will become slightly distended.

Continue inhaling, expanding the thorax.

Raise the shoulders slightly to fill the top of the lungs.

Keep in mind to always use the diaphragm.

2.- Hold your breath for 5 more seconds to increase the gaseous exchanges.
3.- Exhale slowly, starting with the top (lower the shoulders), then the middle and finally the abdominal part. Use your diaphragm at all times.
Note that for new users or people with low physical resistance, the exercise needs to be performed according to your current physical level without forcing your body in excess. Keep in mind to always use the diaphragm.


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